2024 British Vehicle Show!


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Our show will be on March 23, 2024 and we have moved “across the lake” to the beautiful historic town of Covington.

The show will be held at the Tammany Trace – Covington Trailhead and the Firehouse Events Center in Covington, Louisiana on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain.  We hope you will be a part of our 32nd annual show by entering your British motor vehicle, be it a car, bike, truck, or tractor!

The Trailhead is located at 419 N New Hampshire St, Covington, LA 70433 and the Firehouse at 432 N Theard St, Covington, LA 70433. The two blocks between those addresses will be closed for show.

Registration info coming soon.

P.S. As you probably have noticed, we’ve been having “problems” with our web site!  We are working on it.  Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and confusion.

Cathy Greensfelder, Webmaster

NS Meeting

Last Thursday, March 18th, we had 19 folks (including 3 potential members) at the chapter meeting at the Abita Brew Pub,
the first since the pandemic shutdown last June and an all time record attendance for our group.
We enjoyed the excellent company and catching up with everyone as well as Colin and Cliff’s report on the 2020 Amelia Island Concours.

Several members reported on recent work on their cars.
Colin has been working on his Alpine; had the radiator serviced and replaced the water pump, negative battery cable, gas tank vent and filler pipes.
Benny installed 2 SUs on his Spitfire to replace the US spec 2 barrel carb
David is replacing the thermostat on his MGB-GT and talked about a visit to A to Z Salvage yard in Albany.
Cort worked on the head seals of his Morgan and got some period correct tires as well.

Saturday March 20th, 18 folks (another record) attended Cars & Coffee at Reiger’s on the Trace in Mandeville.
In lieu of a drive afterward, Benny, Wiley, Cliff, Hugh, and Colin put their cars up on Jimmie and Debbie’s
lift and wrenched, oiled, and greased our underbellies.
Robert, Mike, Terry, Debbie, Richard, and everyone else provided extra hands, advice, commentary, and camaraderie.
Jimmie worked the lift and provided whatever tools we needed.

A splendid time was had by all.
The Northshore chapter is back full-time and rolling.

Colin McCormick
Mandeville, LA

NS Picnic Oct 17, 2020

A Splendid Time Was Had by All!

Great evening in Fontainebleau State Park, even though the size of the crowd at the park gave us some concern when we drove in at 4:35 and had to wait in line at the entrance. I have never seen so many people enjoying the park before. I thought the crowd was for some kind of special event, but the ranger said that size crowd was normal for a Saturday.

Brits on the Bluff – Natchez Show 2020

Fri Sept 18 – Sat Sept 19, 2020 Natchez, MS

The North and South Shore met on Friday, September 18 in Ponchatoula and drove the back roads to Gloster, MS to meet the Baton Rouge convoy. It was mostly overcast so the temperature was just perfect with the top down, but the sun peaked through enough to not be gloomy.

BR Breakfast Cruise, Sept 12, 2020

Wow, the weather this morning in the capitol city was incredible! Six BMCNO members showed up at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant before 7:00 in 4 LBC, and enjoyed brisk conversation with good friends. We learned about Rick’s Jaguar flywheel / starter replacement, car trailer incidents, and how much the new Jaguar 6-cylinder blocks cost – $18,000! Since Danny wasn’t there no mention of movies or TV shows were made. …

General Meeting Sept 25, 2020

For the second month in a row, the General Meeting in New Orleans, scheduled for August 25, 2020, was cancelled due to weather. With Hurricanes Laura and Marco bearing down on the Louisiana coast (and New Orleans in both cones of uncertainty) the board voted to cancel the meeting.   

As it turned out, Marco degraded to a minimal tropical storm for New Orleans.  However, Laura continued to strengthen, eventually making landfall as a category 4 storm near Lake Charles on Thursday August 27.

Cathy Greensfelder, Secretary


“Freddy” Duralast obituary

Friends and relatives:

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that my MGB’s faithful battery, “Freddy” Duralast has passed away.  Freddy was born in October 2012, and passed away in August of 2020 just short of his 8th birthday.  (That is about 125 in battery years)  He was very reliable, except for the times my brake light switch stuck on, and again when I forgot to unplug my Garmin from the power plug.

I’d like to thank my Viking 4-amp digital charger for caring for Freddy in his later years.  Due to COVID-19 and core charges, there will not be a funeral service.  In lieu of flowers, the family requests that you just check the water in your own battery…

Cruise Safe,

Roving Reporter  ;(

Bobby Span

BR Cruise Aug 22, 2020

It was a pretty nice trip to Cracker Barrel on Saturday, August 22, 2020.  We finally got 2 attentive waitresses.  Between us and the Hot Rod guys, we had 19 total at 3 long tables.  There were 7 of us at the British table and Rick Huber’s Lotus was getting a lot of attention out in the parking lot – because he was running it without a hood.  Real hot rod stuff!  Nice to be able to kinda see the cars from where we sit.  

Today’s crew included Jerry, Randy, Danny, Rob, John Pearson, Rick and myself.

Danny tried to get a taste of Randy’s blueberry pancakes with a Harbor Freight telescoping fork…  and Tiffany got my order wrong.  (second time this happened)  I wanted the country ham & biscuit like last week, which I think is around $4.  Plus fried apples and tea…  She brought me 2 huge slices of ham, and when I said I wanted the ham & biscuit she said “Oh, biscuits are on the table!”  AHHH!  

The ham alone was over $7.00!  Danny (aka Colonel Mustard) says you have to open the menu and Point at what you want.  Lesson learned. 

Cruise Safe and good luck with the hurricanes,

Roving Reporter

Bobby Spann

Dear Roving Reporter,

The vintage telescoping fork demonstrated at the Cracker Barrel is definitely NOT a Harbor Freight item.  It happens to be a slightly modified Triumph Fork, similar to the one that recently sold for $320.00 USD at Sotheby’s Auction House…

 Best Regards, 

Colonel Mustard

And if you believe that one, there is this bridge for sale!!!